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Social Media Analytics

Social media analytics and real-time monitoring work hand-in-hand to help brands better understand the interactions, comments, dislikes and sentiment of mentions online.


SocialRays Social Media Monitoring helps you discover what consumers are saying about your brands. Our analysts do more than report on all social media analytics. They set goals and deliver custom-designed reports that help you see what’s needed to meet those goals.

Process Evaluation

Testing process is committed to delivering upscale and unblemished quality for your social media profiles.

Statistics and Analytics

Use this feature for keeping your social media channel safe, or for deep competitor research and monitoring.

Usability Testing

Get a detailed report on how well the particular social media channel is optimized as well as get a list of required fixes.

Save time and money

Social Media Analytics is essential as it monitors, measures and increases the effectiveness of your campaign on social media channels. A large amount of information can be accessed from social media platforms, so you can understand and extract valuable insights for your business.

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, LinkedIn, Pinterest, YouTube – you name it, we manage it.

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